Beyond COVID-19

RICS has issued a Guidance Note on undertaking inspections and site visits linked to neighbourly disputes

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RICS has recognised the need to adapt guidance in respect of surveyors and other RICS professionals returning to work and being able to deliver services safely, consistently and in line with UK Government guidelines

This is particularly relevant in the Neighbourly Matters sector where it is commonplace for surveyors to undertake regular inspections of construction sites and adjoining properties

As part of Point 2’s COVID-19 policy, all of our surveyors will be undertaking solo site visits and inspections only where absolutely necessary, fully in accordance with UK Government advice

Download link to RICS Guidance Note ‘Beyond COVID-19: Inspections and visits linked to neighbourly disputes’


As the situation and guidance in this area is constantly evolving with regular government briefings, RICS have advised that they will update this information and the associated documents regularly.

RICS have also produced a number of other ‘Beyond COVID-19’ guidance notes, so please visit the RICS website for more information.

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