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An award-winning approach to redefining the sector

Founded in 2014 by seven senior industry figures, Point 2 has quickly grown to become the award winning, market-leading consultancy we are proud to be today Specialising in the field of Daylight, Sunlight and Rights to Light, we boast the largest dedicated technical and consultancy team in the country

Over the last five years, Point 2 have redefined the industry approach to Daylight, Sunlight and Right to Light consultancy

Our acquisition of Waterslade; the pioneering software and technical services consultancy, has enabled us to harness their invaluable 20 years experience and establish the largest and most experienced technical team in the sector

Through our dedicated, full time R&D function, we have developed Quantum; a software package that provides clients and their design teams unrivalled insight into the opportunities and risks that exist on a development site

Quantum has enhanced our client’s capacity to make fast but informed decisions around optimising the scheme design within the constraints imposed by neighbouring buildings

Our clients and their designers testify that the introduction of Quantum has gifted them with a fast track, intuitive understanding of the effects of their development

This coupled with the powerful capability of our technical team enables us to deploy large, dedicated, in-house teams of highly experienced analysts to our projects Empowering our clients’ ability to make clear, fully informed decisions about the designs of their developments

Point 2 have advised on over 2,000 projects and are privileged to have worked alongside the majority of the UK’s leading developers, architects and professional teams to deliver some of the most technically and politically challenging projects in London

Our responsive and communicative approach enables us to tailor our advice to reflect the prevailing political environment in which a development takes place Keeping an eye on aspirations of the local authority, GLA and in some instances the government, we enable ourselves to stay ahead of the game to deliver strategically important infrastructure and regeneration opportunities

Alongside the subject of light, Point 2 provides specialist Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters advice Our agile Party Wall and Rights to Light teams regularly join forces Providing coordinated strategic advice on managing the development and construction phases and ensuring smooth navigation and seamless delivery of a development project

Point 2 also operates an in-house Measured Surveying and BIM department Operating the latest measurement technology, this service provides invaluable support and detailed measured information directly to the technical team, ensuring that our clients receive consultancy advice in market-leading timeframes

When we heard Point 2 Surveyors was forming we had no hesitation in engaging them on our projects and have been very impressed with their service and advice. Kathrin Hersel - Almacantar

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