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Daylight & Sunlight

Pioneering innovative techniques and forward-thinking ideas

Point 2 adds game changing value when delivering planning permission for our clients Employing our unrivalled experience gained on thousands of development projects, we are best placed to tackle challenging daylight and sunlight issues and overcome significant planning hurdles

We assist and support both architects and developers in achieving optimum densities, whilst maintaining a good quality of daylight and sunlight amenity, both to existing neighbours and future occupants

Our pioneering, innovative techniques ensure technical assessments are undertaken in line with national standards Whilst allowing us to overcome major daylight and sunlight issues at planning, to help our clients achieve planning permission

Wide Area Assessment modelling helps us to inform the contextual daylight and sunlight levels within established built environments Enabling us to further support our clients through the planning process and to justify the use of alternative target values

Point 2 prides ourselves on our knowledge of the planning process, working closely with Planning Consultants and Public Affairs and Communications advisors to understand the planning and political landscape of the environment within which development is taking place Providing valuable insight for our developer clients

Detailed Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Point 2 Surveyors pride themselves on the delivery of accurate and efficient advice on Daylight…

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Radiance-Based Analyses

Point 2 Surveyors have the ability to undertake  alternative detailed Radiance-based daylight analyses using our…

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Time in Sun Assessments

The Time in Sun assessment is applied to both new and existing gardens/parks/school playgrounds and…

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Transient Overshadowing

In addition to the BRE Time in Sun assessment, Point 2 are able to undertake…

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Tree Impact Assessments

The presence of trees and shrubbery can modify or block the natural flow of light…

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