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When our pioneering Quantum software was launched back in 2015, it was an industry first, setting the bar for Daylight & Sunlight and Rights to Light analysis.

Since then, Quantum has become synonymous with Point 2, becoming the standard across all of our projects. Our clients and their designers testify that the introduction of Quantum has gifted them with a fast track, intuitive understanding of the effects of their developments.

Our in-house Research and Development team are continuously evolving our software capabilities, adapting and designing new and innovative techniques to solve complex technical issues that arise on our clients’ projects, as well as developing new and exciting methods of assessing and measuring light.

Introducing Point 2 Studio

A brand new, studio-based design tool, enabling rapid, live and interactive assessments of Daylight & Sunlight and Rights to Light impacts using state-of-the-art cloud supercomputing, developed by our very own in-house Research and Development team here at Point 2.

Point 2 Studio is the next evolutionary step forward for our Quantum software.

Real-time analytics enable us to explore and implement design solutions to address complex Daylight & Sunlight and Rights to Light risks, with live scheme manipulation and responsive assessment calculations.

Putting developers and their architects and planning consultants at the heart of the process, in a dedicated studio environment, facilitates a co-ordinated approach to scheme optimisation and risk mitigation.

Cloud Supercomputing provides instantaneous assessment results, speeding up the process and is a significant value add for our clients.


A fully interactive experience, putting clients, architects and planning consultants at the heart of the process

Point 2 Studio can be deployed throughout the life cycle of a project, from pre-acquisition and feasibility, through to detailed design and refinement.

Key features include:

  • Complex Real-Time Analytics
  • Instant Risk Profiling
  • Powered by Cloud Supercomputing for Ultra-Fast Analysis and Feedback
  • Massing Amendments Live
  • Real-Time Massing Optimisation
  • Live Sun-Path Tracking, Any Time, Any Date
  • Rights to Light Compensation Budget IndicatorĀ 
  • Calculate Building AreasĀ 
  • Import and Export 3D Models


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