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Technical Expertise

Based in our Oxford office, our Technical Team is the largest dedicated Rights to Light technical resource in the sector

Seamlessly supporting our London Consultancy team with an array of cutting-edge technical analyses, our technical expertise gives Point 2 the edge over its competitors, enabling us to manage a significant number of projects at any one time

Our ability to react swiftly and efficiently in market leading timeframes, allows us to provide detailed strategic advice fast, adding real value to our clients

With our industry-leading level of technical expertise in Rights to Light and Daylight and Sunlight we are readily able to create bespoke solutions Applying our knowledge and understanding of the assessment of light, we can utilise those skills to respond quickly and intuitively to challenges as they present themselves

To ensure we stay at the forefront of technical capability, the Senior Directors from our Research and Development team head up an on-going programme of training for all members of our technical team Keeping us up to date on the latest advances in technical software applications so that we remain at the top of our game

Quantum is unrivalled as our sector's industry-leading analytical software

Launched in 2015 and exclusively available to our clients, Quantum has revolutionised the way that Rights to Light and Daylight/Sunlight advice is provided.

Developed in-house by our pioneering Research and Development team, this game changing bespoke tool, distills huge volumes of data and complex analysis into an instantly interpretable  and interactive digital platform.

Unlike traditional methods, Quantum delivers solutions within minutes. Complex problems that previously would have cost clients weeks of analysis, are now speedily resolved. With Quantum we provide our clients with a live platform to identify, interrogate and resolved risks. With the software continuously evolving, Point 2 can ensure that we provide fast moving, bespoke solutions to complex issues.

Enabling us to provide our clients with unparalleled support throughout the planning process, planning appeals and Rights to Light cases; Quantum’s invaluable transparency and intuitive analysis is continually championed by leading QCs and planning officials.



Our software

Cutting Edge Analysis in market-leading timeframes.

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Their new software adds a whole new dimension to the delivery and explanation of daylight, sunlight and Right to Light advice. EPR Architects

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