What We Do


Daylight Design

Focused assessments to inform the design and lighting performance of development

Our Daylight Design team support designers on light pollution effects from proposed dwellings, offering advice and design solutions to help mitigate light spill, whilst also having the ability to analyse the performance and distribution of light from artificial sources

We also advise on the extent of solar glare and dazzle from reflective surfaces on buildings to the extent that they may cause disability to road users, train drivers and neighbouring occupants

Point 2’s expertise extends well beyond the typical BRE daylight, sunlight and overshadowing assessment methodologies We also advise our developer clients and architects on the daylighting and sunlighting performance of proposed buildings, which includes advice on BREEAM and HQM standards

Since our formation in 2014, we have pioneered the use of Radiance-based daylighting analyses using our bespoke software to support planning applications, Appeals and public inquiries, where the BRE methodologies are unable to fully contextualise the daylight levels within buildings This can be an indispensable tool when determining whether a reduction in natural light is likely to be perceptible

Our bespoke software also supports climate-based daylight and sunlight assessments to enable clients, designers and planning officials to understand the implications of development on daylight and sunlight levels at any point throughout the year

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